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Between 1987 and 2004 my wife and I managed our own successful aromatherapy company. We sold our products world wide to individuals and companies. The most successful products sold tens of thousands of each one. Just one order to the USA and Canada was for 50,000 jars of cream.!
“Our best selling product was what I am calling the A Cream. It was designed to help pain from inflamed joints. In most cases it worked. The repeat orders for this product were huge. See below.
So, I am relatively experienced and knowledgeable about pure essential oils and using them.
I source my pure essential oils, lotions, creams, vegetable oils and hydrolats from one of the leading, biggest and well established companies in the UK.
I can absolutely guarantee the high quality of the products. Any products that are organic will have been certified by the Soil association.


Twenty nine years ago my wife and I designed this cream.  It went on to become our best selling product.
It’s properties seem to work very well indeed. I became so confident in it, at exhibitions and shows, I challenged customers to try it. Telling them it would work within minutes of rubbing it in. The majority returned within minutes to buy a jar!
Of course it does not always work, however we had some customers buying it in 500ml jar sizes !!

If you have joints that ache or produce a sharp burning pain then this may give some relief. Simply rub some cream into the affected area as and when required.

I have always made some for family but now you can try it, I hope that it works for you!

Store in a cool dark place to keep it at its best.
Use within 2 years of purchase.
However the essential oils will very slowly lose some of their powers. (I have some cream 6 years old and it still is in good condition. stored as a batch sample)

It contains a mix of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Juniperberry and Marjoram essential oils.  The Cream base is a   – COSMOS Certified Organic Base Cream – Fragrance Free.

For a 100ml jar £4.95 

larger size available to order

What can impact the quality of Pure Essential Oils and absolutes?

There are a number of ways in which the quality of essential oils can be compromised-from the growing conditions of the plants to their harvesting, distillation, manufacture, distribution, and storage.

Plants: The quality of essential oils can be negatively impacted by the use of pesticides and other chemicals, the variability in altitude, soil conditions and rainfall, and the difficulty of differentiating plant species and varieties.

Processing: Because of the growing popularity of essential oils and aromatherapy, there are many products on the market that may not be suitable for clinical use. They can be found nearly everywhere, from health food stores to discount stores to the Internet. These products may include pure essential oils, but sometimes they are adulterated or diluted. Such adulterations are difficult to identify.

Packaging and handling: Other considerations include packaging, storage, and handling. Chemical degradation can occur with exposure to heat, light, or oxygen. Essential oils from citrus products are especially prone to oxidation that can quickly alter the chemistry of those essential oils.

Storage: Essential oils should be stored in tightly closed, darkened glass containers in a cool place to ensure lasting quality (Buckle, 2003; Tisserand & Balacs, 1995). We recommend writing the date on the bottle after opening it so you can keep track of your own essential oils. Oxidation rates vary, but most essential oils can be safely used for 1-2 years or more after opening.

Some important considerations

Is the Latin name of the plant provided so that you are sure you are getting the right essential oil? For example, there are several species of lavender.

Is the name of the country in which the plants were grown provided? A consumer would not be expected to differentiate oils from different countries, but this information is important to aromatherapists because quality can vary by country. This is an indication that the company is marketing to knowledgeable parties as well as general consumers.

Is there a statement about purity? You should be informed if it is not 100% essential oil (meaning, it has been altered or mixed with something else).

Is the cost comparable in comparison with other brands of the same essential oil? If it’s really cheap, it probably isn’t the real thing.

Does it smell as you expect it to smell?

Please note:
Other essential oils, carrier oils and products can be obtained please do enquire. Some products can be supplied in organic form, there may be a (significant) price difference.
Some essential oils are very expensive. For some of these I may ask for payment prior to ordering.

** The choice to use organic is a personal one. Organic does not always mean better therapeutically.

Pure Essential Oils

Chamomile Roman – Anthemis nobilis
Highly effective for easing emotional conditions, soothing such emotions such as anger, panic, shock and tantrums (works just as well with adults as well as children!) An ideal oil for skin care .

Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus globulus .
Useful for helping you breathe more easily. A few drop on a tissue, on your pillow or in a vaporiser will clear your head. It is the main ingredient in the M CREAM !

Frankincense – Boswellia carterii
It is fantastic at nourishing skin especially dry or aging skin (we all start ageing the day we are born) In some instances I have seen this oil remove stretch marks. Even better use with almond oil whilst pregnant and the stretch marks may not appear at all.

Grapefruit – Citrus paradise
This refreshing and zesty oil is expressed from the peel of the fruit. Not only is it cleansing and toning for your skin, it’s also great for uplifting your mood and emotions.

Juniperberry – Juniperus communis
Eases and soothes aching muscles and joints, and it excels in the battle to reduce cellulite. Blend together with cypress, fennel, grapefruit etc for cellulite treatments. In skin care treatments it also acts as a tonic for dull, oily and congested skin types.

Lavender – Lavandula angustifolia
The quality of Lavender can vary considerably. Not all Lavender oil has the same properties, a Spike Lavender for example is more like Eucalyptus and has little or no relaxing properties. This Lavender however is ideal for relaxing, easing headaches, skin health (works very well mixed with cream or lotion). It is fantastic on stings bites cuts and grazes. It is safe to use with children



Mandarin Red – Citrus nobilis
This warming oil has a fruity scent, soothing qualities and is expressed from the rind of the fruit. Deeply restful, it’s calming for your emotions and is great for soothing grouchy, overtired children.

Marjoram – Origanum marjorama
Another oil for Aches and Pains and bronchial problems. Can also help with mild headaches mixed in a lotion or on a compress.

Myrtle – Myrtus communis
A great alternative to Eucalyptus which is safe to use with children. When our son had Croup we used to sit him in a bath with a couple of drops of this oil. Also just before bed time vaporise his room with it. It worked fantastic. For older kids a few drops on a tissue.

Orange Sweet – Citrus sinensisThis uplifting oil has a sweet fruity scent and is expressed from the rind of the Italian sun-ripened oranges. Naturally revitalising, it is helpful with supporting your body’s natural detoxification process and may help to ease digestive discomforts.

Patchouli – Pogostamun cablin
excels in skin care where it soothes, rejuvenates, moisturises and tones a diverse range of skin conditions, including chapped and cracked skin, cellulite, dandruff, fungal infections, scars, thread veins and wrinkles. It is highly prized when caring for dry, itchy or mature skin because of its soothing and rejuvenating abilities, in combination with its antiseptic and antifungal protective properties

Peppermint – Mentha piperita
This cooling and refreshing oil is cleansing and steam distilled from the leaves. As well as helping to stimulate the mind and refresh the body, it’s also a great digestive tonic and may help to ease abdominal discomforts.

Rose Absolute – Rosa centiflora
The ultimate treat. Have a bath with 1 drop of this oil in and you will be in heaven. However it is useful for relaxing and especially emotional problems. Its greatest power though is in skin care.

Rosemary – Rosmarinus officinalis When I studied for my degree I used this oil all the time to help with my concentration. I even used it during exams to help keep me focused. It works very well. Additionally it can be used for aches and pains especially muscular.

Sandalwood – Santalum album
Used since ancient times as an aid to meditation, it will come as no surprise that sandalwood essential oils have a powerful relaxant effect that also helps increase focus and clarity. This makes it ideal for soothing stress and anxiousness, and really helps you get a good night’s sleep. Sandalwood oil also has anti-spasmodic and expectorant properties that make it a great choice to bring relief to dry, tickly, persistent coughs.

Tea Tree – Melaleuca alternifolia
Every house should have some. For things like cuts, wounds, spots, insect bites and stings, ulcers, athletes foot etc it is invaluable . It has been proven to kill many forms of bacteria and fungi.


Essential Oils are liable to price fluctuations like other commodities.
I reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.

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