This section covers some of the place I have visited for days out short breaks or holidays.

Like you, through my life I have visited many many places, some more memorable than others!

From my early life I have very powerful memories of Cornwall and Dorset (Weymouth) and Devon where we spent most summer holidays. School trips took me to Switzerland and Austria.  Into my teens the  next 2 things were our trips to Scotland and The Lake District to do Endeavour courses (something like the Duke of Edinburghs award), also a trip back to Cornwall as a young adult. Then a move to London had massive impact upon me, and I still love London to this day.

Now in the Seventies my first Aircraft flight to Spain! The flight was the memorable bit. No! seriously I was newly married and it was our first holiday away. Unfortunately we took a last minute flight and ended up in Loret Del Mar, the birdy song was popular then ……

During my time working in London I made several trip to France white water canoeing and fell in love with the country. Later to return and buy a property there. fate determined that we would not live there.

Since those days I/we have visited Tunisia, Spain again, France (The Alps), The USA (Boston, Atlanta, New York), Canaries (Lanzarote, Feuterventura), Ibiza.

Of course I have travelled throughout the UK extensively as you will see if you read some of my posts.

Brancaster Norfolk

A totally irresponsible person walks near the nesting gulls, scaring and  causing them to rise up and create their own form of murmurationMay 20th 2020 Lockdown restrictions are eased. The weather is fantastic. I considered it safe to drive on my own to Norfolk and...

Dungeness Part Two – Birds

Following on from my Visit to Dungeness Beach area I moved on to Dungeness Rspb Reserve. In the morning of the next day I visited Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.RSPB Dungeness Harrier Rye harbour...

Harrington Airfield

Looking west towards Clipston areaHARRINGTON AIRFIELD Harrington airfield, known as Station 179 during WW2, was built by the 826th and 852nd Engineer Battalions of the US Army as a Class A airfield intended for heavy bomber use, the main runway length being...

The Birds and the Bees

Yesterday I visited Summer Leys Nature Reserve thinking huge space no problem, there were lots of people and in some parts of the walk you cannot avoid them. Anyway some great photography and good bird spotting. Especially the Common Snipe, Oystercatchers, Redshank, Finches, Tits and Chiffchafs.   That evening the BCN WT closed the car park for the time being.


Moons, Rain and Birds

A Robin at Stortons Gravel Pits January 2020 is almost over, it has been wet almost the whole month and has left lakes and rivers bursting and dangerously full. Trips out have been hampered by the poor light and water logged walkways. Ravensthorpe for example is...

RSPB Frampton Marsh

RSPB Frampton Marsh - Lincolnshire - 3rd September 2019   I think I visited Frampton Marsh on a 'quiet' day. There were birds about but not in any large numbers apart from flocks of...

Summer Leys Nature Reserve

Summer Leys Nature Reserve is part of the The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire. It is a place I now visit very regularly for two reasons, a very nice walk and good opportunities to see and photograph wildlife.  It is situated on Hardwater Road near Wollaston.