This section covers some of the place I have visited for days out short breaks or holidays.

Like you, through my life I have visited many many places, some more memorable than others!

From my early life I have very powerful memories of Cornwall and Dorset (Weymouth) and Devon where we spent most summer holidays. School trips took me to Switzerland and Austria.  Into my teens the  next 2 things were our trips to Scotland and The Lake District to do Endeavour courses (something like the Duke of Edinburghs award), also a trip back to Cornwall as a young adult. Then a move to London had massive impact upon me, and I still love London to this day.

Now in the Seventies my first Aircraft flight to Spain! The flight was the memorable bit. No! seriously I was newly married and it was our first holiday away. Unfortunately we took a last minute flight and ended up in Loret Del Mar, the birdy song was popular then ……

During my time working in London I made several trip to France white water canoeing and fell in love with the country. Later to return and buy a property there. fate determined that we would not live there.

Since those days I/we have visited Tunisia, Spain again, France (The Alps), The USA (Boston, Atlanta, New York), Canaries (Lanzarote, Feuterventura), Ibiza.

Of course I have travelled throughout the UK extensively as you will see if you read some of my posts.

Harlestone Firs

the ‘Firs’ are located opposite Dobbies Garden Centre at  44 Harlestone Rd, Northampton NN7 4EW which is on the northern edge of Northampton.   There is a large lay-by for parking. However, at weekends it gets very, very busy and parking can be a problem. Vehicles by and large do not observe the speed limits at all. So if you have pets or children do take care.

Stormy Weather and a few Birds

Pitsford Reservoir with a storm moving across the distance. 17th August 2020 For days now we have had mixed stormy weather, some very severe. Wellingborough became a river in parts of the town centre. I decided today that I would visit Hanging Houghton in search of...

RSPB Bempton Cliffs

"The Bempton Cliffs reserve, on the spectacular Yorkshire coast, is home to one of the UK's top wildlife spectacles. Around half a million seabirds gather here between March and October to raise a family on towering chalk cliffs which overlook the North Sea."...

Brancaster Norfolk

A totally irresponsible person walks near the nesting gulls, scaring and  causing them to rise up and create their own form of murmurationMay 20th 2020 Lockdown restrictions are eased. The weather is fantastic. I considered it safe to drive on my own to Norfolk and...