My posts are mostly about walking, nature and wildlife, in particular birds. However from time to time I do cover other subjects that are part of my varied interests.


RSPB Frampton Marsh

27 May 2021 A day of Warblers and chicks. For the first time in a long time, some reasonable weather was forecast. Time for a day out. Frampton Marsh is only 2 hours away and not a problematic journey. Set off at about 7.25 and arrive at 9.15 after a gentle unhurried...

RSPB Titchwell May 21

A feeling of desperation led me to decide to go to Titchwell in North Norfolk even though |I knew of the possibility of heavy showers. So, prepare equipment, clothing food and water the night before and set alarm for 6am. By 6.30 am setting off around the Northampton...

That Ruddy! Shelduck

Two days, two places, two walks and very few birds. However, lovely weather, in fact too hot on the Monday, and the weather is expected to stay for over a week.  The highlight for me was a Ruddy Shelduck at Ravensthorpe Reservoir. Apparently this individual has moved...

The Other Sides to Bird Watching

This item is an open page to which I shall add content as I think of it or encounter it. Bird watching in its own right is a pleasing experience, to also capture good images or video, or even do a sketch or field painting is a bonus. I know many bird watchers that no...

RSPB Titchwell Norfolk August 20th 2020

  A break in the wet stormy weather gave me the opportunity to pay a day visit to Titchwell North Norfolk, which is only a two hour drive from Northampton if you leave at 6 am as I did. At 8.05 I arrived at the carpark, there were just a few other cars.Titchwell...

Stormy Weather and a few Birds

Pitsford Reservoir with a storm moving across the distance. 17th August 2020 For days now we have had mixed stormy weather, some very severe. Wellingborough became a river in parts of the town centre. I decided today that I would visit Hanging Houghton in search of...

RSPB Frampton Marsh 2020

Frampton Marsh 30th July 2020   This reserve is an easy drive from Northampton. Follow A45 out past Rushden Lakes and Stanwick Lakes, ( resist the temptation to stop ) join the A605 to Peterborough. Follow the A605 through Peterborough and then join the A16...

Summer Leys LNR July 2020

    I visit Summer Leys LNR often. As you walk around and get your daily exercise you should also take in other delights depending on your interests, and there is lots to see and photograph, if you look.Summer Leys is managed and maintained by the...

A Day of Two Halves

    In amongst days of poor weather Sunday 12/7/20 turned out to be very nice.   As I pottered about the garden watering the Bonsai, Tomatoes the new Grape vine ( Chasselas Dore De Fontainbleau) and the other plants and trees I noticed that there was...

RSPB Bempton Cliffs

"The Bempton Cliffs reserve, on the spectacular Yorkshire coast, is home to one of the UK's top wildlife spectacles. Around half a million seabirds gather here between March and October to raise a family on towering chalk cliffs which overlook the North Sea."...


Harlestone Firs

the ‘Firs’ are located opposite Dobbies Garden Centre at  44 Harlestone Rd, Northampton NN7 4EW which is on the northern edge of Northampton.   There is a large lay-by for parking. However, at weekends it gets very, very busy and parking can be a problem. Vehicles by and large do not observe the speed limits at all. So if you have pets or children do take care.

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Abington Park

ABINGTON PARK, NORTHAMPTONunder constructionAbington Park is a classically English park in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England.  Land for the park was given to the town by Lady Wantage in 1892 and the park was opened to the public in 1897 the first public park in...

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Brancaster Norfolk

A totally irresponsible person walks near the nesting gulls, scaring and  causing them to rise up and create their own form of murmurationMay 20th 2020 Lockdown restrictions are eased. The weather is fantastic. I considered it safe to drive on my own to Norfolk and...

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The Juveniles

This post covers the young of birds, mammals and insects. It will evolve over time as I add new content. So please do return for updates.Spring is the time for most birds and mammals to produce young. Just in time for plenty of food and warmer weather. Some breed a...

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The Coronavirus 2020

“Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed.” ― Albert Einstein and that is what seems to have caused this"On Dec 5th 2019 (approx) The World Changed - due to Coronavirus"Previous to that 11th September 2001The disease appears to have originated from...

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The Birds and the Bees

Yesterday I visited Summer Leys Nature Reserve thinking huge space no problem, there were lots of people and in some parts of the walk you cannot avoid them. Anyway some great photography and good bird spotting. Especially the Common Snipe, Oystercatchers, Redshank, Finches, Tits and Chiffchafs.   That evening the BCN WT closed the car park for the time being.


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Moons, Rain and Birds

A Robin at Stortons Gravel Pits January 2020 is almost over, it has been wet almost the whole month and has left lakes and rivers bursting and dangerously full. Trips out have been hampered by the poor light and water logged walkways. Ravensthorpe for example is...

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RSPB Minsmere

I started by taking the woodland walk to find the Bittern Hide and eventually the Island Mere Hide. Just into the woods and there in front of me a Tree Creeper. I still have not got a good image of a Tree Creeper and failed on this day as well. Good to observe it though. Once in the Bittern Hide, no sign of one (another day then). I did see a Marsh Harrier in the distance.

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Warbler, Music and Bites

Sedge Warbler at Stortons Gravel Pits NorthamptonAn interesting and varied week, which includes the solstice!.  On Sunday I visited Ravensthorpe Reservoir. I have often boasted that I am good at reading the weather, well not this time. I was about 5 minutes into my...

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Osprey at Ravensthorpe

I decide to pop! along to Ravensthorpe to maybe sit in my car and watch for birds etc. As I arrived it stopped raining and the sky cleared a little with even some sun peircing through the clouds. I judged that I had time to walk around the reservoir, which I did.

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Duxford IWM April 2019

The Imperial War Museum at Duxford has something for everyone and particularly those interested in aviation, the military and wars!. The facilities are excellent with lots to do to keep children occupied. Several cafes and restaurants, rest areas and picnic tables even a children’s playground.

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Nikon D7200 – New Camera!

On Saturday 16th March 2019 I purchased a new camera body, a Nikon D7200 replacing my old faithful Nikon D80. I had deliberated for some time but my growing feeling of loosing out finally came to a head. I had noticed for some time that certain images posted on Flickr...

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Sparrowhawk Visit

On the 6th March 2019 whislt preparing breakfast I realise that the bird in the garden is not the usual pigeon foraging. I realise it is in fact a Sparrowhawk with a kill,  and it was engrossed in eating its catch.  I rush upstairs to get my camera, luckily it had not...

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London Days Out

There are so many photo opportunities in London, people, animals, buildings, transport, flowers and plants, the river and objects. If I am on my own I tend to wander aimlessly and try to explore streets I have not been along before (I lived there for 12 years).  However, for example, just on my last trip I found a hidden pub in the heart of Covent Garden that I did not know existed.

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