2020 is almost over (thank goodness) it was not quite like other years and certainly came as a surprise, rocking our complacency.  Of course every year has its own special memories and moments, but this year we had the Corona virus Pandemic. Consequently we spent most of the year in full or partial lockdowns. So travelling and holidays especially were a bit of a problem for most of us.  You had large numbers of people furloughed ( on holiday) and bizarrely many people working even harder than usual, staff in Hospital especially.

“This is worse than the war (1939 – 45) at least we could go out!” – my 91 year old mother.

I did manage a few days out, but no holidays. When the 1st lockdown lifted i did try to get to Cornwall but places of interest to me were all booked.  Of course I explored our garden more! I spent a good few hours trying to capture flying insects with camera ( certainly tests your patience)  and I visited local places more than usual.

My collection of books has increased, one of them The Peregrine by J.A.  Baker, a fantastic read.

I have missed travelling further afield for short breaks, Cornwall especially also going to London and some National Trust properties in particular but a small price to pay. There is always next year, we hope.

Because of the lockdowns places traditionally lacking in people became crowded thus scaring the wildlife so photography became more difficult! Numbers of these new nature lovers in fact had no interest really and just walk, run, ride and amble around oblivious to the world around them.  At some locations you find large groups of people having barbeques drinking playing games etc. What lockdown! or at least what rules? I actively chose to not go to some places because of the new converts to nature …. However I have added a few birds to my list of firsts this year with some great images of a Tree Creeper in particular.

Of course we had that wonderful weather throughout the 1st lockdown making local walking and time in the garden very bearable. I even managed to grown some fantastic tomatoes that produced a large crop. Just outside, no greenhouse. I bought a grape vine, next year maybe grapes.  ?

I have to say my life was not disrupted very much by the pandemic and thankfully I have not caught the virus yet.

Like thousands of other workers my son has worked from home since March and it is looking like he will permanently. Like many others during this time he acquired a lovely boy Mini Dapple Dachshund.


For me it is especially interesting how our society will change and to what extent because of this Corona virus pandemic. Some early signs are noticeable, such as working from home, an acceleration in technology developments, change to retailing and our shopping areas.

So, what did I do?

In May I visited Brancaster in Norfolk  foolishly thinking there would be no body there, wrong, It was packed. I have never seen the car park so full. So much for a lockdown.

In June I visited Bempton Cliffs North Yorkshire for the day. Much quieter but it was raining for half of the day. Fantastic day out. What a sight to behold.

In August I visited Titchwell RSPB Nature Reserve Norfolk for the day.

For September a change, my son and I went to RAF Lakenheath. A group of  Aviano based F-16’s were visiting. Great day.

Throughout the months I regularly visited the following places ( as I normally do) in pursuit of wildlife images

  • Summer Leys Nature Reserve – BCN Wildlife Trusts
  • Stortons  Gravel Pits Nature Reserve – BCN Wildlife Trusts
  • Ravensthorpe Reservoir
  • Harrington Airfield
  • Abington Park
  • Harlestone Firs
  • Stanwick Lakes
  • Berry Wood


New birds photographed

  • Redwing
  • Brambling
  • Jays
  • Barn Owl (others have been captive)
  • Whooper Swans
  • Brent geese
  • Eider Ducks
  • Cattle Egrets
  • Fulmar
  • Gannet
  • Puffin
  • Guillemot
  • Razor Bill
  • Kittiwake
  • Little Tern.